Vera Perla 18K Yellow Gold Heart Necklace

Metal Type: Yellow Gold

Purity: 18K

Diamond Type: White Diamond


Item: Vera Perla 18K Yellow Gold Heart Necklace
Dimensions: Approx. 18*14mm (Pendant height*width), 1mm (Diamonds diameter) 40 cm (Chain length)            
Made of: 18k gold, 0.07cts genuine diamonds  
Weight: Approx. 1.60 g  

This item has been made with natural gemstones so due to natural occurrence please allow some differences in color and clarity in stones comparing to the photos. Natural pearl colors may vary from white to ivory. All gemstones are Genuine, earth-mined, hand-cut, colored stones may have heat and color enhancements treatment.

$ 1,090.00