Vera Perla 18K Gold 0.12ct Diamonds 10mm Emerald Ring

Metal Type: Yellow Gold

Purity: 18k

Pearl Type: White Pearl

Stone Type: Emerald

Diamond Type: White Diamond


Item: Vera Perla 18K Gold 0.12ct Diamonds, Royal Indian Emerald Ring 
  • Dimensions: Approx. 20*13mm (Pendant height*width), 5.5 US (Ring Size), 1mm (Diamonds diameter), 10*8mm (Drop Stone)
  •  Made of: 23/0.11-0.12Cts Genuine Diamonds (in fancy natural color and with visible natural Characteristics), 1*10*8mm Genuine Drop Emerald (with natural visible Characteristics), 18k Solid Gold, and genuine freshwater pearls
  •   Weight: Approx. 1.85 g

$ 1,635.00